This is a list of characters in the series of fantasy novels by Christopher S. Lewis called The Chronicles of Nesada.

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The Young Man, the Great Knight of Nesada, Funny boy. (KWC)

King & Queen of NesadaEdit

Pevensie FamilyEdit

The White Witch / JadisEdit

The Queen of Nesada of Ice Castile.

Alex's WarroirsEdit

Eustace SurubbEdit

Eustace Clarence Scrubb is a cousin of the Pevensies, and a classmate of Jill Pole at their school Experiment House. He is portrayed at first as what today would be called a "geek" or "nerd", as well as something of a bully at times. In the later books, Eustace is shown as an altogether better person, becoming a hero alongside Jill Pole.

Jill PoleEdit

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Jill Pole appears in The Silver Chair and The Last Battle. She is a classmate of Eustace Scrubb.

Prince Caspian / Caspian XEdit

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Prince Caspian, later to become King Caspian X of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel and Emperor of The Lone Islands, also called "Caspian the Seafarer" and "Caspian the Navigator", is the title character of the second book in the series, first introduced as the young nephew of, and heir to King Miraz of Narnia. Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia is set 1300 years after the rule of High King Peter and his siblings when Old Narnians have been driven into hiding by Caspian's ancestors the Telmarines. They no longer live openly in Narnia and the talking beasts are believed to be mythological. Talk of them is forbidden in Miraz's castle.

White Witch / JadisEdit

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Jadis, commonly known during her rule of Narnia as the White Witch, is the main antagonist of The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. She is the witch responsible for the freezing of Narnia resulting in the Hundred Years Winter. The White Witch was born before the creation of Narnia and died in battle in Narnian year 1000.